The mission of WOODWILL is to ensure that our clients find the building of their homes an interesting experience not a burden.

WOODWILL loghouses; your natural choice!

WOODWILL Ltd. has been building its Finnish log and beam houses since 2003. We have a broad portfolio of several building types from small saunas to large multi-storey homes. Our team of enthusiatic wood engineers are highly professional and experienced and available to service our client's requirements as they arise. The company's mission is to provide a comprehensive service to all our clients from initial development to final completion and includes all connected services thus reducing the burdens associated with building. It is our intention to deliver all construction projects to clients in a professional manner in a specified time frame. All our works are fully guaranteed for precision and quality.

Our Finnish partner is one of the largest loghouse producers in Finland and has several decades of experience in large-scale production in timber construction. The modern computerised production plant ensures excellent quality control and satisfies the demands of our customers throughout the world. As a result of continuous development and advanced technology we are able to ensure the highest quality of pre-cut beams and logs for our many house designs.

With a co-ordinated construction methodology and our highly qualified technical specialists we are able to guarantee outstanding quality and fulfilment of deadlines and can also help to resolve financial issues relating to the construction. New concepts and individual design ideas will always be considered, these will be discussed on an individual basis and suggestions and improvements will be provided, so please contact us with your enquiry!

Our company is a permanent member of ÉVOSZ Könnyűszerkezetépítő Tagozat (National Association of Building Enterprises, Prefabricated Building Constructors' Branch), and has MAKÉSZ trade-mark.

The loghouses built by our company qualify for subsidy credits or other credits, as well as socio-political financial support. We will willingly assist you with your credit application.

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