Activities, Services
  • Intermediate building structure: Exterior and interior : walls, waterproofing to the structure, floor structure, roof structure including roof covering (tile or shingle), rainwater dispersment, installed exterior shut-off devices, outside surface treatment (in fact the complete building ready from the outside and with all interior walls), and if required chimney construction.
  • Turn-key job: intermediate structure plus concrete foundations, all necessary subcontractor's works (plumbing works - including water and gas connections; electrical installations, and heating systems), interior decoration, staircases, set-in interior doors.
  • Building consultation, including interior design
  • Finalisation level based on individual agreement
  • Beams and logs available in more than 20 sizes, exclusive offer: laminated D-profile beams only available here!
  • We accept orders from the whole country
  • Based on individual plans we will prepare a detailed price offer free of charge
  • Standard designs can be viewed at our office
  • Financial advice based on your needs, we can also assist you with your credit application
  • All building guarantees' are undertaken acccording to the necessary laws.
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