The advantages of a loghouse
  • ADVANTAGES: The main advantage of a log and beam house are that it provides a natural and healthy living environment due to the continuous vapour equalisation through the wall fabric. Timber is a renewable building material that allows a building to 'breathe' and thus regulate the humidity levels throughout the building. This ensures an ideal living environment for those suffering from respiratory problems due to the exclusion of vapour condensation or mould.
    The thermal properties of timber construction are extremely good. Since timber is a poor conductor of heat, the walls of a timber house will be warm on the inside during the winter and vice versa during the summer season. Unlike traditional insulating materials, timber has a natural insulating ability within the "thermal capacitance" of the log material. Simply put, the billions of air cells within the structure of the wood slow down the transfer of heat trying to escape in the winter. In summer, these cells reverse the protection by not permitting easy transfer of heat from outside to the inside of your log home. At the same time the mass of your log wall provides a reservoir to store energy. This "thermal capacitance" of a solid log wall means less fluctuation in the temperature while still insulating the indoors from the outdoors. It also means lower energy costs for, and less disruptions to the environment as less fuel is consumed to maintain comfortable temperatures.
  • IT IS SAFE: many people are concerned about the stability of log and beam houses. We would like to reassure all our customers that the stability of our buildings is equal too, or greater than for traditional brick or stone buildings. Because of the flexibilty of the timber the buildings are even safer in the event of an earthquake.
  • GAIN EFFECTIVE SPACE: The basic area of an individual building can be precisely calculated for a designated ground space based on the external wall thicknesses. A traditional insulatedbrick wall is approximately 45cm thick whilst the log and beam design is only 21 to 22cm in thickness. For example, in a 100 square metre building the extra usable floor space would equate to 8 square metres.
  • DURABILITY: Traditional building construction is usually planned to last between 80-100 years, in the case of log type construction, provided that necessary maintenance instructions are followed, the building should be stable for several hundred years. This fact is borne out by the number of ancient timber buildings that have survived in many different countries throughout the world.
  • PRECISION AND ACCURACY Because our homes are built from pre-cut elements coming from a modern computerized production line we can guarantee the precision and accuracy desired to all dimensions of the building.
  • BUILDING PERIOD: Traditional building construction may take anywhere from eight months to one year to reach completion, because we use dry building technology and the bulk of the preparation work takes place within the factory, we are able to complete a weathertight structure within two to five months depending on the complexity of the design. Timber log and beam houses may be built on a pre-constructed foundation at any time and is not dependent on the seasons.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: All timber used in the construction process is sourced from managed forestry, that is, if a tree is felled, another will be planted to take its place. This ensures that we have a good supply of renewable material for construction that does not pollute or damage our environment.
  • PLANNING FREEDOM: Loghouse building can be combined with conventional building technology, for example, only the upper storey is built of timber, the lower storey may be constructed from brick or concrete.
  • CALCULABLE COSTS: Because we strive to specify the full technical content of a project we are able to offer a fixed price construction within a definitive time period. It should be noted however that any changes to the specification once fabrication is underway would be excluded from this offer.
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