Guiding prices

The soul of a loghouse lies in the choice of the raw material. This raw material is from a reliable, verifiable source, where quality represents value. Price will depend on a number of factors, principally: the EURO currency exchange rates, the size of beams required for a given type of building, the base plan submitted, the price of materials chosen for subcontractor's works and other building conditions like materials handling cost, accessibility, etc.

We would like to emphasize that due to the wide range of beam and roundlog types, prices show a wide disparity, and the quantity of built-in timber is also variable. Without groundworks, our nearest estimates calculated for a 120 sqm home surface are the following:

Intermediate structure: from 209 000 Ft/sqm (including VAT)
Turn-key job: from 280 000 Ft/sqm (including VAT).

Finalisation levels

Please complete our offer schedule and send us your sketch plans and we will prepare a preliminary offer free of charge! How to place an offer

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