Technical solutions
  • The machined regular cross-sectioned logs and beams are ready-made and precision cut in Finland based on exact element specification
  • The beamwall seals hermetically; between each beam/log is cellulose insulation. At every 2nd row the beams/logs are fixed by dowels, and in the corners the outstanding tongue-and-groove joint insures the stability and perfect airtightness
  • In the case of logs of over 190 mm diameter and beams of 180 mm wide no further wall insulation is needed
  • The holes for dowels and electrical instalations are pre-drilled in Finland during production
  • The plumbing is routed underneath the floors or through the intermediary roofs and is connected to the services inside cupboards or behind false walls which may be covered on request (with panelling, plasterboard or tiles)
  • Except for wall heating any kind of heating systems may be chosen
  • Any kind of roof covering may be chosen!
  • Possible surface treatments: thin water-based topcoat, beeswax, linseed or other bio-oils.
  • All encased materials are certified
  • The technology may be combined with traditional building technologies (e.g. only the loft is made of beams, the remaining structure may be in different materials)
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