Guest book

RELIABILITY - "WOODWILL LTD. has respected all our agreements precisely and has supervised the whole building process to our total satisfaction."
Sátori András, 2003

PROFESSIONAL PREPAREDNESS - I have been dreaming of a loghouse since I was a child. I have visited several companies, I saw dozens of buildings, but only the team of Woodwill Ltd could make my dream come true! Both for me and for them - wood means everything to us!
Bor Zoltán, 2005

EXCELLENT QUALITY FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THE WORK - "Apart from the excellent quality of the wood, Woodwill Ltd. has paid special attention to the works to finalisation, and were professional until fixing the last batten."
Dr. Tóth Csabáné, 2004

PRECISION - "The precisely finished work, the beautifully closing logs, and perfect corners proove that I made the right choice when I decided to contract Woodwill Ltd."
OGY, 2005

SPEED - "Within two months from foundation level we opened the new pub building that we had commissioned! This is what was promised! They delivered! This is rare nowadays!"
Varga Zoltán, 2004

FLEXIBILITY - "Woodwill has adapted itself to our needs in each development-working phase."
Fersch József, 2005

FAIRNESS - "I have experienced the correct attitude starting with the price offer. The cooperation shown has been exceptional."
Handl Zoltán, 2005

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